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Fingerprint Officers

SCAFO is proud to dedicate a portion of its website as an ongoing tribute in honor of Dr. Henry Faulds.



Dr Henry Faulds (June1, 1843 – March 19, 1930) was a Scottish scientist noted for the development of fingerprinting.



Drawing by John Berry, FFS





Historic photo of Dr. Henry Faulds


In November 2002, in the town of Beith, Scotland, the Dr. Henry Faulds - Beith Society was formed.  An effort was undertaken to create a permanent memorial in Dr. Faulds' birthplace.  SCAFO supported this effort just as it supported the effort many years ago to place the grave marker that now adorns Dr. Faulds' final resting place in St. Margaret's churchyard.  The official unveiling ceremony of the memorial occurred November 12, 2004.











SCAFO congratulates the Dr. Henry Faulds - Beith Commemorative Society on their efforts to recognize this historic figure.