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Submitted by Xavier De Borggraef,  Latent Print Examiner, Belgium Federal Police. Original PDF.



dsc02678a smalldsc02679 small

These examples of polydactylism were submitted by Leszek Jarzab, a Latent Print Examiner in Poland.



 mr smiley small

Mr. Smiley was submitted by Andrew Halverson, Fountain Valley Police Department




 This example of polydactylism was submitted by John Brunetti, West Haven Police Deparment.


russia-sochi copy small

From Russia- This impression was submitted by Alexander Ignatenko, a Police Identification Technician in Krasnodar region, Sochi City.




From Brazil- This very unusual fingerprint pattern was submitted by Alexandre Renato Da Silva Garcia.  Alexandre is a fingerprint officer at the Institute of Identification in San Paulo, Brazil. 



lizard sm  lizard2 small

Lizard Print

"I took that photo back in about 1985.  Found Lizard at an arson scene and used him to test whether we can get prints from the belly of a snake (had to settle on a lizard since I  had no snakes available).  

"LAPD was being criticized for not printing some rattle snakes for prints on an attempt murder case.  The defense went out to prove that you could get prints, and if LAPD would have, they could have caught the true perpetrator.  

"I made about five 8x10’s to hand out during a SCAFO meeting for door prizes."

Ricardo Tomboc

San Bernardino Police Department