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Is This An Erroneous Identification?

Three fingerprint experts from the Scottish Criminal Records Office testified that this latent fingerprint was made by the same finger as the inked print. Two defense experts from the United States testified that this latent could not have been made by the same finger.

What do you think?  

The correct answer has been acknowledged. 

The experts concluded that the latent mark is not that of Shirley McKie.

The Minister for Justice, Mr. Jim Wallace, made an emergency statement in the Scottish Parliament today.  

The Lord Advocate went further in saying that all future 'idents' to the prosecution in Scotland by SCRO will be subject to independent verification by a bureau outwith SCRO.  

Thursday, 22 June 2000 

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For a closer look at any of the prints, click on the photos.

alat small  aink

blat small bink small


The images above were scanned from approximately 3 x 5 inch photographs. Those photographs depicted the original exhibits used by the prosecution. The artifact (vertical sectioning) visible in the lower right image, was present in the photograph used for scanning. The original charting was performed digitally and the artifact was apparently created in that process.

 clat small

The single image above was scanned from a photograph taken by one of the defense experts approximately two years after the initial investigation. A slight brush mark across the latent was apparent when the photograph was taken.


 cink small    dink

The two images above were scanned from original inked prints.