Association of
Fingerprint Officers

Dear SCAFO Members,

My name is Aurora Marquez and I want to announce my intent to run for Second Vice-President for the year 2020. During 2019, I have had the pleasure of serving as a Director on the Executive Board where I have been able to work alongside some of our senior members and learn firsthand the inner workings of the Executive Board. While I still have much to learn, I know that I will continue to grow and will strive to remain an asset to this organization. My passion for this organization has been long standing. In 2013, as a student I attended my first SCAFO meeting. I realized then and there I was in the right room, with the right group of people. I continued to attend the bi-monthly meetings when possible. As soon as I had the chance to become a member I jumped at the opportunity, even getting sworn in just days before giving birth to my second child. One of my goals is to continue to grow the membership. But more importantly, ensure that we seek out and mentor members for the Executive Board to further advance this great organization. I want to ensure all of you that I gave this much thought and consideration before submitting my letter of intent and I am all in! Thank you in advance for your consideration.