59th President - William F. Leo

59th President - WILLIAM  F.  LEO, 1996

January 6, 1996 - Temecula - Executive Board Meeting - The Board decided to continue bi-monthly meetings, leaving this issue open for discussion by the Board/Members on a yearly basis.  A change of By-Laws concerning meetings, nominations and voting was discussed. Parliamentarian Clark Fogg was assigned to draft the proposed changes. Meeting locations and hosts were set for the year.  First Vice-President Lou Herbert was assigned as the organizer for the seminar.

February 3, 1996 - The Vineyard Country Club - Thanks to host George Durgin, and guest speaker Paul Pfingst (San Diego D.A.), President Bill Leo had 96 attendees at his first meeting.  C.S.D.I.A.I. President  Mark Hawthorne conducted a drawing for the May conference to be held in San Francisco.  Janet Lawson won a free registration for the conference.   

April 13, 1996 - Knotts Berry Farm - Thanks to Past President’s Night and speaker George Reis, there were 100 attendees at the meeting. The eleven Past Presidents attending were honored and presented with newly made life membership cards and pins.  President Leo announced that there would be a meeting in conjunction with the So.Cal. Laser Study Group on April 18, 1996 to discuss proposing California legislation which would establish minimum standards to testify as a Fingerprint Expert in a court of law.

June 1, 1996 - Downtown Deli - L.A. Deputy District Attorney Paul Turley discussed the Thora Rose Murder Case.  The oldest case to date to be solved through an AFIS hit, the speaker was introduced by 60 Minutes “Dan Rather” (via a video tape of the 60 Minutes coverage of the case).

President Leo announced that the upcoming SCAFO seminar already looked to be one of our best.  Sgt. David Ashbaugh of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police agreed to give a one-day class on the Evaluative Friction Skin Identification (Ridgeology).  President Leo conducted a one-day training session at the Kosher Pickle covering the topic of Fingerprint Witness Testimony.  Proceeds went into the SCAFO account.  A total of sixty-six SCAFO members and non-members attended this session. During the noon-time business meeting, nineteen elected to join SCAFO and had their first readings.

August 3, 1996 - Don Salsa Restaurant - President Leo discussed the Proposed Legislation and Alan McRoberts explained the purpose and objectives of TWGFAST.

President Leo announced that an encore training day at the Kosher Pickle was an educational and financial success, more money going into the SCAFO account. Parliamentarian Clark Fogg drafted the following proposed By-Laws changes.

Bold words and/or sentences are the additions.  Strikeouts indicate deletions.



Associate members are those non-tax paid professional men and women engaged in business similar to, or supplying equipment for, scientific criminal investigation and identification.  College students whose study relates to the forensic sciences of criminal justice and volunteers in law enforcement agency whose duties relate to forensic science are also eligible for associate membership.


A life membership shall be granted to all Past Presidents, recipients of the Charles Wolford Award, and to active members of this Association who have paid their dues and assessments for the past thirty twenty-five consecutive years.


Any Active or Life Member in good standing who meets all the following requirements may apply to the Executive Board for Distinguished Member status.


*  Five (5) years of continuous paid membership.

*  A 50% meeting attendance for each of the five years preceding application     for Distinguished Membership status.

*  Attendance at three (3) of the SCAFO annual training conferences.

*  Has been a speaker at a SCAFO meeting/conference and has had an original article published in the SCAFO publication, or have done either one twice.

All applicants, upon approval by the Executive Board, will be presented a membership certificate designating the individual as a Distinguished member.



The elective officers of the Association shall be:










The President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms shall be elected for a term of one (1) year.  The Directors, Editor, and Historian for a term of two (2) years.  Two Directors are to be elected at each election, thus alternating two directors each year.


The President, with the approval of a majority vote of the Executive Board, and the Active Members present at a regular meeting, may remove from office an elected officer who fails to attend regular meetings without notice or cause; or who fails to act for the good of the Association.


Only members of the Association who are Active or Life Members in good standing shall be eligible to the elective offices of the Association.  Officers of this Association shall be nominated at the August meeting, elected at the October meeting, and installed at the December meeting each year. Nominations, election, and installation dates shall be determined by the Executive Board at the January Board meeting.  Only Active Members and Life Members in good standing may vote at these elections.


A.  Membership meetings shall be held on the first Friday or Saturday of each month, unless otherwise voted by the majority of the members present or in special circumstances by a vote of the Executive Board.

A.  Membership meetings are to be determined at the January Executive Board Meeting.  The Association must have at least six (6) meetings a year.



Fifteen (15) active members in attendance including at least four (4) six (6) elected officers shall constitute a quorum at all regular meetings of the Association.



The EDITOR:  The President may appoint an Editor who shall assist the Secretary-Treasurer in dissemination to the membership any information coming to his/her attention concerning new processes, techniques, materials, and equipment pertinent to criminal identification and investigation.

October 19, 1996 - The Greens Conference Center - The Sixth Annual SCAFO Training Seminar is another successful event for President Bill Leo.  Sgt. David Ashbaugh gave a very educational lecture on Ridgeology.  

All of the proposed by-law changes were approved.

December 7, 1996 - The Pepper Mill - President Bill Leo presented James Lawson with the Charles W. Wolford Award.   SCAFO's Diamond Anniversary Celebration on board The Queen Mary was announced.

Bill Leo was employed by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department during his year as SCAFO's President.