56th President - Mary Nolte

56th President - MARY NOLTE, 1993

January 9, 1993 - Carrow's Restaurant - Executive Board Meeting. A motion was made by Tim Golt to make the Editor's position an elected position, seconded by Bill Leo.  Clint Fullen was assigned to draft the by-law change.  Bill Leo and Clark Fogg were assigned to plan the training seminar. Meeting dates, hosts and locations were set for the year.

February 6, 1993 - Ranch House Inn - Jack Fives hosted the meeting. The topic which was originally slated for the canceled May `92 meeting generated a large turnout. Marty Collins, guest speaker from D.O.J., gave his presentation on the article he had written about latent prints. Marty stated that the CSD IAI Code of Ethics states “ to employ my technical knowledge factually”.  As always, any time there is talk about testifying to less than a positive identification, it generated lots of debate among members.

March 6, 1993 - Jolly Rogers Inn - George Reis of Newport Beach P.D., demonstrated the use of Kodak Digital Imaging Equipment. The By-Laws committee proposed to make the Editor's position an elected position.  

April 3, 1993 - China Gate Restaurant - The vote on the proposed by-laws change was opened for discussion.  The proposal was tabled and sent back to the By-Laws committee.

May 1, 1993 - B.P.O. Elks Lodge - President Mary Boyle announced that the Third Annual SCAFO Training Seminar would be held at the Lawrence Welk Village in Escondido.  

August 7, 1993 - March Air Force Base - First Vice-President Clark Fogg conducted the meeting.  Bill Leo announced that the Third Annual SCAFO Training Seminar would be held September 11, 1993.  Lou Herbert introduced his guest speaker, Riverside Deputy District Attorney, Cregor Datig, who gave a presentation on the “Phoebe Hoe Case”.  

September 11, 1993 - The Greens Executive Conference Center. SCAFO's Third Annual Training Seminar.  Clarence Phillips from the F.B.I. was the main speaker.  The seminar was well received by all who had the opportunity to attend. 

December 17, 1993 - President Mary Boyle-Nolte presented the Charles W. Wolford Award to Alan McRoberts.

Mary Nolte was employed by Omnichrome Inc. during her year as SCAFO's President.