53rd President - James "De" Alexander

53rd President- JAMES  “DE”  ALEXANDER, 1990

January  1990 - Diamond Bar (LASD Sub. Station) - Executive Board Meeting.  Thanks to the efforts of Alan McRoberts, SCAFO's incorporation was completed.  All meetings were set for the current year.

February 2, 1990 - Knotts Berry Farm - President Alexander appointed a committee for the Charles W. Wolford Award, Past President Gerald Snyder is the Chairperson.  Guest speaker was Sgt. Ron Ingram, Torrance Police Dept.  He gave an update on Cal-ID.  * Brief History- FBI went to DeLarue in mid 1970, DOJ went to NEC in mid 1980, L.A. County bought into DOJ's system (SB190) in 1985-1986 and opened latent operations in Fall of 1987, L.A.County then opened Prisoner ID operations in January 1988.

April 6, 1990 - T & J - Guest speaker Gil Carrillo, LASD-Homicide, returned to a SCAFO meeting and presented his most notorious investigation—“The Night Stalker Murder Investigation.”  The Richard Ramirez rampage from June 1984 thru August of 1985 resulted in his conviction on 12 counts of murder and numerous other charges.

June 2, 1990 - Norton AFB - Gary Smeltzer, Dep. Public Defender-San Bernardino Co., discussed the “Defense Side of Fingerprint Evidence.”

September 8, 1990 - March AFB - The Honorable Judge Dennis Myers, Riverside Superior Court, shared his Courtroom Observations.

President Alexander mentioned the article that Bill Leo submitted to The Print.  Card Carrying Member by Harvey Gittler.  A highlight from the article —“Being a member of a professional organization shows that you consider yourself and your speciality a profession.  Don't wait for your company to offer to pay your dues.  Your company won't make you a professional; only you can do that.”

October 6, 1990 - China Gate - Bill Leo, LASD, discussed current information relative to obtaining latent fingerprints from dead bodies.

December 1990 - Anaheim - Don Fandry received the Charles W. Wolford award.

James “De” Alexander worked for the San Bernardino Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President.