51st President - Joseph Almanza

51st President - JOSEPH  ALMANZA, 1988

January  9, 1988 - Mary Landowski's  - Executive Board Meeting-Dates, locations, and hosts were selected.  Mailing fees to remain at $15.00 for the year.  Editor and Ass't Editor would soon have the new directories ready for disbursement.

February 5, 1988 - China Gate - Rick Plows, O.C. Coroner’s Office, discussed Autoerotic Deaths.

April 8, 1988 - Michaels - Guest Speaker Mel Cavanaugh, Los Angeles Sheriff Department, gave a presentation on document examinations.  One of his statements undoubtedly raised a few eyebrows, “handwriting, as well as fingerprints, is an absolute science”.

May 6, 1988 - Madden Cooper, formerly a D.D.A., discussed the importance of fingerprint evidence, resumes, and having charted exhibits.

June 4, 1988 - Executive Board Meeting - President Joe Almanza brought up a proposed By-Law change.  

Article IV—Amended to read

Eligibility for inclusion of the mailing list shall be contingent upon the payment of a mailing fee set by a vote of the Board of Directors as determined by an assessment of current postage rates and other costs.

Such mailing label fees shall be payable at the first of November for the subsequent year and shall be delinquent on the 1st of January of that year.

Delinquent members shall be dropped from the mailing list until mailing fees and a $5.00 reinstatement fee is paid.  Past Presidents shall be exempt from the mailing fees.

June 4, 1988 - Maruko Hotel - Editor Tim Golt announced that there would be a three month trial change in the format of The Print.  Guest speaker Deputy Chief Anthony Longhetti, San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, gave a presentation on DNA.  He indicated that no government crime laboratory had the capability to analyze samples. There were three private laboratories doing the analyzing for $1000 to $5000 per case.  

August 6, 1988 - Rueben’s - Bill Leo, LAPD, presented a display and discussed the “Lady in Cement Case.”

October 7, 1988 - Elk’s Lodge - Gary Jackson, OCSD, discussed “Photographing Serial Homicides.”

November 5, 1988 - S.S. Princess Louise Restaurant - Due to a conflict with the Mid-year CSD-IAI meeting, President Joseph Almanza, 1st Vice President Don Fandry and Secretary-Treasurer Alan McRoberts were not able to attend the meeting.  2nd Vice President De Alexander conducted the meeting and presided over the election.

At the December meeting Eugene Bragdon, San Bernardino Police Department received the 1988 Charles W. Wolford Award.

Joseph Almanza was a Police Officer for the City of South Gate during his year as SCAFO's President.