41st President - Richard Clason

41st President - RICHARD  CLASON, 1978

January 20, 1978 - Executive Board announced an increase in mailing fees to $5.00.

March 3, 1978 - Williamsburg Inn - Lou Meadows of Dactek International demonstrated an “Inkless Fingerprint Kit”.  President Clason announced that the service and food had been so good that they should come back again, sometime in the twenty-first century.

April 8, 1978 - Mamma Cozza's - President Clason appoints Lynette Atwood as SCAFO's Historian.

May 19, 1978 - By-Laws proposal

Article III, second paragraph.

The President shall preside at all regular and special meetings. He shall appoint all committees and perform such other duties as pertain to his office.  

New addition to this paragraph follows:

He shall with concurrence of a majority of the Executive Board, appoint a member for the duration of the current year or until election, to fill an office that has become vacant. (To be introduced at the June meeting and voted on in July).

June 2, 1978 - El Castillo Real - Guest speaker Dr. Robert Reynolds OD, spoke on Identification and Classification of People by Ocular Structures.  “ Eyes Are Individualistic ”.

July 7, 1978 - Sterns - President Clason announced that Open Meetings are to be discussed.  In regards to the By-Laws about meetings, Dick Bradley made a motion that the word may replace the word shall, second by George Pletts. The proposed By-Laws addition that was proposed in May was voted on and approved.

October 7, 1978 - Woolgrowers - President Clason submitted an oath for the Associations Officers as follows:

I    State Your Name       do hereby acknowledge the faith and trust exhibited by the membership in electing me to office.  I hereby promise that as a member of the executive committee I will execute the duties of my office to the best of my ability in guiding this association toward fulfillment of its goals.  

December 1, 1978 - Ramona Parlor - Barbie Pominville is elected as the 42nd SCAFO President. (First female to be elected to this position).

Dick Clason was a Police Officer for the Beverly Hills Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President.