76th President - Cynthia Fortier

76th President - CYNTHIA FORTIER, 2013

The February meeting took place at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club in downtown LA.  The guest speaker was Professor Anne Reddiing of Santa Barbara Cummunity College speaking on The Black Dahlia Murder Case.

Past President Mari Johnson organized a 3 day workshop at sea.  The cruse included a workshop titled: Is There Such Thing as a Do Over?, Proper Collection and Photography of Blood Spatter Evidence, by Dr. Lynne Herold, LASD Crime Lab.

In June, SCAFO met at the Ontario Airport Hotel and the luncheon lecture was on The Future of Biometric ID in Los Angeles County by Lt. Bennett Seno and Lt. Joseph Thai, LASD.  

The 22nd Annual Training Seminar took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Anaheim, on September 20th & 21st. The Speakers program included Rocky Edwards Santa Ana PD on Advances in Firearms 3D Technology: Beyond the Microscope, Rachelle Babler and Tom Washington SDPD on Forgeries and Fabrication of Latent Prints, John Gaziano of Freemont PD on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Kristy McCraken of LA Coroner on Intro to the Coroner Death Investigation, Ed Nordskog of LASD on Fire Fatality Investigations, Dr. Dawn Perimutter on Ritualistic Crime Investigations, George Reis on Photoshop for the Latent Print Examiner, Workshops included: Mike Campbell on Latent Print Comparison 101 for CSI’s, Jason Cole of Henderson PD on Lifting Prints on Difficult Surfaces, Larry Dow of Foster & Freeman on Digital Imaging of Latent Prints, and Mike Stapleton on Palm Print - Smart Search and Orientation.

The December meeting took place at Knotts Berry Farm Hotel in addition to the new Baord swear-in by Past-President Lisa Jackson, a presentation on the Seal Beach Massacre was given by Deputy Director Paul Hoag of Orange Co. SD.

Cynthia served with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department during her Presidency.