75th President - Lisa Jackson

75th President - LISA JACKSON, 2012

The Feburary meeting took place at Vince’s Spaghetti in Rancho Cucamonga.  The meeting was hosted by Director Josie Mejia, LASD, and the topic was “The Christmas Mass Murder in Covina.  The speakers were Sergeant Dan Regan and Lt. Tim Doonan, Covina PD.

On March 10th SCAFO formally celebrated its 75th Anniversary aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  Once again, the Queen Mary’s maiden voyage in 1936, the same year SCAFO was being formed.

The 21st Annual Training Seminar took place at the Hilton Ontario Airport Hotel.  The speakers program included: The Bridge from Tenprint to Latent by Diane Do SDSD, Understanding Basic Statistical Concepts, Motion to Exclude Fingerprint Evidence, and Preparing for a Frye or Daubert Hearing by Michele Triplett, King County SD, Washington, A Debate on Fingerprint Evidence with Dr. Simon Cole and Past-President Bill Leo, The Casey Anthony Case by Ronald Murdock OCSD (Florida), The Yosemite Murders by Jeffery Rinek, FBI, Policies to Reduce Erroneous Exclusions by Eric Ray and Penny Dechant, AZ Dept of Public Safety, Lifting Prints off of Difficult Surfaces by Jason Cole of Henderson PD, and a workshop of Digital Imaging of Latent Prints by Larry Dow.  

SCAFO met at the Hilton Ontario Airport Hotel for the Christmas meeting and new Board swear-in.  The speaker program was Steven Renteria, LASD Sr. Criminalist, who spoke on “The Ever Evolving Fingerprint Specialist, from Dust to DNA”.
Lisa served with the Santa Monica Police Department during her Presidency.