71st President - Marvin Spreyne

71st President - MARVIN SPREYNE, 2008

The February meeting took place at Moby Dick’s Restaurant in Santa Barbara, the topic was “preparing for a High Profile Case: The Michael Jackson Trial, by Nancy Torres of SBSD.

April, SCAFO takes a cruise on the cruise ship Carnival Paradise, the cruise went from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico, during the cruise the members had a business meeting with Dr. Lynne Herold, LASD speaking on blood spatter evidence.

In October, the 18th Annual Training Conference took place at the Holiday Inn in Glendale.  Among the speakers was a research scientist from England and presented his method of processing fires cartridge casing for latent prints.  Bill Leo and Wayne Plumtree spoke on the Problems with the NAS Report on “Strengthening Forensic Science”.

Amy served with the Riverside District Attorney's Office during her Presidency.