70th President - Craig Johnson

70th President - CRAIG JOHNSON, 2007

A Special April Past-Presidents Meeting and 70th Anniversary celebration took place at the March Air Force Base Museum.  A catered Prime Rib, Shrimp Scampi, or Chicken Cordon Bleu dinner with a no host bar and live music provided by Robert Fields on the Key Board took place in the museum.  The evening including a private showing of the museum and historical aircraft.  President Johnson commissioned a commemorative SCAFO Coin that one one side included the original SCAFO logo and on the other side the current logo that was unveiled at the 65th Anniversary Dinner in Long Beach.  Each attendee received the coin.

The June Luncheon meeting took place at Steven’s Steak House in the City of Commerce.  The topic was the Domino’s Pizza Serial Murders.

The 16th Annual Training Seminar took place at the Riverside Convention Center on October 1st and 2nd.  Topics included Infalliable, “The Difference between Sci Philosophy and Application of Science in the Real World by Steve Scarborough, Las Vegas PD, The Polly Klaas Murder, Michael Stapleton, FBI, Innovative Fingerprint Methods, Michael Renney, Riverside SD, Firearms ID, Jim Hall, CA DOJ, The Danielle Van Dam Murder Physical Evidence, Jennifer Shen and Tanya Dulaney, San Diego PD, DNA Expansion, Camille Hill, Orange Co. DA, Forensic Evidence in People v. Thornton/Synder by Michael Rushton, Riverside DA, and Footwear and Tire Tracks in the Samantha Runyon Murder Trial by Matt Johnson, Orange County SO.

Craig served with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department during his Presidency.