69th President - Susan Garcia

69th President - SUSAN GARCIA, 2006

SCAFO was asked to support the issue of safety retirement benefits for non-sworn CSI, this was our contribution:
    August 15, 2006

    To whom it may concern,

The Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers stands in firm support of legislation that would provide safety retirement for non-sworn law enforcement personnel that are assigned as a primary duty either crime scene investigation or the lab analysis of evidence.

Many of these duties that were traditionally done by sworn personnel, today are done by non-sworn personnel.  The same hazards of exposure to hazardous chemicals, explosives, and violent confrontations exist regardless of the civil service status of the investigator.

The State of California has acknowledged this by granting safety retirement to State employees in these classifications.  It is appropriate that these same positions at the county and city level be granted the same benefits.

SCAFO will actively work in support of acquiring safety retirement benefits for the non-sworn members of our Association.

The Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers is an organization with over 350 members representing over 50 law enforcement agencies.


    Susan Garcia

Past-President Bob Topliff passed away on the morning of April 7, 2006 in Banning, California. He was born on July 12, 1919 in Bruce, Wisconsin. In 1922 his family drove cross country to live in Glendale, CA where Bob grew up. He was an excellent mechanic as a young man and built & raced several cars with his "Ramblers" Car Club. He served in the U.S. Army Air Force during WWII as a B17 Crew Chief. He then had a 30 year career in law enforcement as a Detective with Glendale P.D., and as a Captain with Downey, CA P.D.

In February, SCAFO met at Maria’s Kitchen in Pasadena, the luncheon topic was “Murder in Topanga”.

The April Past-presidents meeting took place Grandma’s Hilltop Hideaway Café in Oceanside.  The speaker was George Reis, the topic, California v. Richard Melnyk

The June meeting took place at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Riverside.

For the August meeting SCAFO had a catered BBQ at Star Center, the grounds of the LASD Academy in Whittier.  LASD Search dog team members Ted Hamm and Joe D’Allura talked about dog tracking and included a demostration with Knight and Cooper.

The 15th Annual Training Conference took place at the South Coast Air Quality Management Center Auditorium in Diamond Bar.  Topics included Friction Skin Distortion and the Persistence of Scars by Alice Maceo, Las Vegas PD., The Metro-Link Train Derailment Disaster Scene in Glendale, DNA, Facts and Fictions, by Steve Renteria, LASD, A Daubert and other legal issues update by Past-President Bill Leo, LASD, Crime Scene Haz-mat clean up by K. Kadziauskas of AAA-Steam & Clean.  A wine and cheese social took place at the Ayers Hotel . COGENT systems, the LA County AFIS vendor set-up a demonstration at the Hotel on a third level search algorism for AFIS.

Susan served with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department during her Presidency.