65th President - Steve Tillmann

65th President - STEVE TILLMANN, 2002

Because George Durgin was activated to military duty due to the 9-11 attack, Steve Tillmann and George Durgin exchanged Vice President Positions on the Board of Directors with George to become President next year when he returns from active duty.

Los Angeles County awarded the County wide AFIS vendor contract to Cogent Systems headquartered in South Pasadena.  The System was to be the first with 1000 dpi resolution print capture and would include palm prints.  Prior to this L.A. County did not have a stand alone system.  L.A. County had a Remote Access Network (RAN) as part of the state’s Cal-ID System using a NEC AFIS.

Also in 2002, a team of snipers terrorized the Washington D.C. area.  The three week shooting spree was solved by an IAFIS search of a latent print found at a murder scene in Montgomery Alabama.

The February meeting was held at the Seasons Restaurant in Diamond Bar. The speakers were Pete Williams and Debra Gray, who gave a very informative talk on the role of DMORT’s response in the recovery effort necessitated by the September
11th attack on the World Trade Center. Alan McRoberts hosted the meeting.

The Past Presidents meeting took place April 27th at Knott’ sBarry Farm.  Past President and Chairman of the Board Bob Goss spoke on Court Testimony.

The June meeting was held at the LaChalet Basque Restaurant in LaPuente and hosted by Susan Garcia and Nancy Gschwend, LASD, The Topic was, “Basic Mechanics of Composite Drawing” given by LASD Composite Artist Sandie Enslow.

The August dinner meeting was held at the Island Palms Hotel & Marina in San Diego.  The speaker was Paul Redden who spoke on “Polygraph Usage in Law Enforcement."

In May, SCAFO hosted a two day workshop on Court Presentation of Fingerprint Evidence at the Holiday Inn in Diamond Bar.  The workshop was taught by Past President Bill Leo

The 11th Annual SCAFO Training Seminar was held at the Embassy Suites in Covina on October 11-12, 2002.  The Keynote Speaker was Andre A. Moenssens.  Topics covered during the seminar included: Preparing for a Daubert challenge by Steve Meagher,FBI, United Airlines Flight 93 crime scene investigation by Dr. Laura Fulginetti, the Biological Basis of Fingerprints by Alice Maceo, and the Van Dam Murder Trail Fingerprint Evidence Presentation by Pat Wertheim. The seminar was well attended by over 190 members and non-members.

The December meeting and installation of the new years officers took place at the Harbor Inn at the Naval Base Point Loma.  The guest speaker was author and retired LAPD Sgt. Joseph Wambaugh who signed books at the dinner.

Steve served with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department during his presidency.