63rd President - Art Coleman

63rd President - ART COLEMAN, 2000

Chairman Tom LaPisto hosted the April Past-Presidents meeting at Knott’s Berry Farm.  Bill Leo was the speaker and the topic was “Defense Expert, Was He Incompetent or Was He Lying?” 120 members attended.

The August meeting featured the Director of the Law Enforcement Divsion of the California Department of Justice, Steve Staveley .  The talk was on “The Future of Scientific Evidence in California” at the Quails Inn Hotel in Lake San Marcos. The meeting was hosted by 2nd Vice President George Durgin of Escondido Police Department.

The Christmas meeting and new Board swear in was held in downtown Covina at a Mexican Restaurant. The meeting had to compete with an adjoining party complete with loud music and just outside the restaurant was the Covina Christmas Parade.

SCAFO hosted two training classes taught by Pat A. Wertheim.  The classes, “Analysis of Problem Latents” (24 hours) and “Advanced Ridgeology Comparison Techniques”, (40 hours). Both classes took place at Embassy Suites in Downey.  The training was offered to SCAFO members at half the normal cost.

Recent Past President Lou Herbert was tragically killed in a traffic accident and was laid to rest at Riverside National Cemetery with full military honors.

The 10th Annual SCAFO Training Seminar was held at the Conference Center at Cal Poly Pomona and the theme was “Forensic Identification 2000" .  The two day conference included:  AFIS and Digital Imaging in the 21st Century, Vacuum Metal Deposition, and Rodrigo Viesca of Chula Vista Police Department introduced the case of Jenny Rojas, a 3 1/2 year-old Chula Vista girl who was tortured and murdered, and Marvin Spreyne of the Riverside District Attorney’s Office discussed courtroom etiquette.  On day two, Bill Leo and Steve Tillman of the L.A.S.D. addressed the "Courtroom Presentation of Fingerprint Evidence in the World of Ridgeology".

Art Coleman served with the Oceanside Police Department during his presidency.