58th President - James E. Lawson

58th President - JAMES  E.  LAWSON, 1995

January 7, 1995 - Beverly Hills Police Dept. - Executive Board Meeting - Executive Board elected to give bi-monthly meetings a try. Meeting locations and hosts were set for the upcoming year. The Fifth Annual SCAFO Training Seminar would be in October with Bill Leo, Tom Lapisto, and Lisa DiMeo coordinating the agenda and location.

February 4, 1995 - Vineyard Country Restaurant - President James Lawson called the first SCAFO bi-monthly meeting to order.  Seventy-three attendees listened to a presentation on Flourescein given by host Lisa DiMeo and Rob Cheeseman (Microbiologist - Naval Balboa Hospital).

April 8, 1995 - Knotts Berry Farm - Past President’s Night, location, host (Clark Fogg) and agenda all added up to ninety-one attendees.  Two members of the Beverly Hill’s Fire Department discussed Arson Investigations. First Vice President Bill Leo announced that SCAFO's Fifth Annual Training Seminar would be October 7, 1995 at the Kellogg West Conference Center (Cal Poly University, Pomona).  It was announced that Lynette J. Atwood (SCAFO's 46th President) had passed away on March 15, 1995.

June 3, 1995 - Vince's - Second Vice President Lou Herbert gave a presentation on “Understanding the 969B Prison Prior Packages (Three Strikes Law).

August 5, 1995 - Double Tree—Del Mar - Host Lisa DiMeo introduced her guest speaker, Dr. Mark Super (San Diego Coroners Office) who gave a presentation on “Problems in Forensic Identification” to seventy attendees.

October 7, 1995 - Kellogg West Conference Center - Bill Leo and Tom Lapisto hosted the Fifth Annual SCAFO Training Seminar for one hundred thirty-four (134) attendees.  The theme was “The Testifying Fingerprint Expert.”  The theme included the attorney’s viewpoint of expert witnesses, how to prepare a resume and a panel discussion of various contemporary fingerprint issues.

December 2, 1995 - The Kosher Pickle - President James Lawson announced that Tom Jones (Kern County S.O.) was the recipient of The Charles W. Wolford Award.

James E. Lawson was employed by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service during his year as SCAFO's President.