57th President - Clark Fogg

57th President - CLARK  FOGG, 1994

January 8, 1994 - Executive Board Meeting - All meeting locations and hosts except for the month of June were set.  Doug Duckson and Jim Lawson would host the September training seminar.  President Clark Fogg appointed Alan McRoberts as editor of The Print.

February 12, 1994 - Diamond Bar Country Club - Wayne Plumtree discussed the basis of forensic comparison opinions, responsibilities and latent print expert testimony in a presentation entitled “Expert Opinion —Fact or Fiction?”

March 5, 1994 - Del Mar Hilton - Lisa DiMeo presented slides and a talk showing the value of Vacuum Metal Deposition in developing archival prints.

The Executive Board met before the general meeting to review a Special Investigation.  A review was made of the prints in question and the transcripts in the following four cases:  United States of America vs. Manning CR-88-563-DT; California vs. Reyes A590802; California vs. Vargas A887216; and California vs. Fowler CR56979.  In all of the above mentioned cases, latent print examiners testified to positive identifications and in all four cases Mr. Elmer Lee Smith testified that the prints were not of the defendant.  A review of the evidence and transcripts showed Mr. Smith’s opinion and testimony to be erroneous and that his actions directly violated Article 8 of our By-Laws and the purposes and objectives of this organization.  It was the Executive Board’s decision that Past President Elmer Lee Smith be expelled from the Association.

April 9, 1994 - Royal Cut - President Clark Fogg announced that Joseph M. Head (SCAFO's 12th President) had passed away. Jim Conley discussed The Crime of Stalking.

June 4, 1994 - Papa's BBQ & Saloon - President Clark Fogg announced that the Fourth Annual Training Seminar is set for September 10, 1994 at The Greens Executive Conference Center - Escondido.  Past President Don Fandry explained what to expect when entering private practice.

August 6, 1994 - Knott's Berry Farm -  President Clark Fogg announced that Jack Fives had passed away, July 12, 1994. 

September 10, 1994 - The Greens Executive Conference Center - Thanks to Steve Meagher (FBI), Dr. Lynne Herold (L.A.S.D.), Cregor Datig (Riverside DA), and Tom Jones (Kern County S.O.), the Fourth Annual SCAFO Training Seminar was a great success.  

October 1, 1994 - Industry Hills Resort - Joseph Bonino provided a thorough and informative outlook on AFIS and its future.

November 5, 1994 -Brookside Country Club - Pasadena Chief of Police, Jerry Oliver, discussed Community Policing.  Due to personal and family matters, First Vice President Doug Duckson elected to not be nominated for President.  Second Vice President James Lawson was elected SCAFO's 58th President.

Clark Fogg was employed by the Beverly Hills Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President.