55th President - Tim Golt

55th President - TIM  GOLT, 1992

January 18, 1992 - Los Angeles - Executive Board Meeting -  Pat Nolte was appointed as Editor of The Print and Meripa Corson would no longer be assisting the Editor.  Jim Lawson, Don Fandry and Lou Herbert were assigned to plan the 2nd Annual SCAFO Training Seminar.  President Tim Golt and Bill Leo are working on another promotional item for 1992.

April 4, 1992 - Doubletree Inn - Bill Leo, LASD, provided the program “Falsification of Fingerprint Evidence.”

President Tim Golt had the proposed change to Article 7 of our By-Laws voted on by the members present at the meeting.  The change was in regards to the number of times a new applicant would have to attend meetings, prior to being sworn in as a member.  The proposed change was turned down by the attending members.  The Second Annual SCAFO Training Seminar was set for September 12, 1992.

May 2, 1992 - Steven's Steak House - The meeting was canceled due to the mass rioting and looting in the Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict.

June 5, 1992 - Knott’s Berry Farm - Guest speaker Lt. Bernie Kammer, LASD-Records Bureau, discussed the Los Angeles Live Scan Project.

August 1, 1992 - Salmon House - President Golt announced that SCAFO had two promotional coffee mugs to select from, white mugs as well as the original grey.  Guest speaker John Torres gave a presentation on “Training for the job versus Training for the Job Description.”

September 12, 1992 - Palm Springs Rivera Resort - Second Annual SCAFO Training Seminar.  65 registrants took part in the training.

October 3, 1992 - 94th Aero Squadron - The legendary L.A.P.D Detective John St. John presented the “Black Dahlia” murder case.

Tim Golt was employed by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department as a crime scene investigator, latent fingerprint examiner during his year as SCAFO's President.