54th President - Alan McRoberts

54th President - ALAN McROBERTS, 1991

January 5, 1991 - Ontario Police Department - Executive Board Meeting-The highlights of the meeting were—A new membership application form was approved by the Board. A “Subscription” rate of $20.00 was approved by the Board, for individuals who want to subscribe to The Print without joining the organization.  Approval to publish The Print six times a year instead of ten on a trial basis was given. Don Fandry and Jim Lawson were assigned to plan the first SCAFO Training Seminar.

March  1991 - President Alan McRoberts  announced that the first SCAFO coffee cups and glassware are about ready for delivery.  The February and March meetings had two of our members giving presentations on DFO.  Kurt Kuhn and Becki Morgan gave excellent presentations.

May 3, 1991 - Knotts Berry Farm - Speaker James Mock, Torrance P.D., presented a Tribute to Dr. Henry Faulds.  The First Annual SCAFO Training Seminar is set for September 7, 1991 at the Radisson Palm Springs Resort and Conference Center.  The SCAFO coffee mugs and glassware will be available at the June meeting.

June 1, 1991 - Anderson's Pea Soup - First Vice-President Tim Golt hosted the meeting.  Speaker Brandon Armstrong, N.I.S.-Laboratory Director presented an overview of the N.I.S. lab functions. William A. Snare was recognized for his years of dedicated service and was presented with a special plaque with the following inscription.

“Presented to William A. Snare in Recognition of your dedication and contributions to the forensic identification science and support to this Association for over 42 years”.

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August 3, 1991 - Centro Basco - D.D.A. Kennis Clark, Riverside Co., talked about Prop. 115 and it’s effect on the way we write reports.

September 7, 1991 - Radisson Palm Springs -  The First Annual SCAFO Seminar, 79 registrations from 40 different agencies.  All the speakers did an outstanding job.  Past President Steve Evans came up with the quote of the month during his Court Testimony presentation “If truth were self evident, there would be no need for eloquence”.  Steve gave credit to Cicero, the Great Roman Orator for this quotation. President Alan McRoberts stated “with the overwhelming suggestions for a second training seminar, next year’s board of directors would be remiss in not planning such an event”.

Alan McRoberts was a Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department and assigned to the Latent Print Section during his year as SCAFO's President.