52nd President - Donald Fandry

52nd President - DONALD  FANDRY, 1989

January 14, 1989 - Executive Board Meeting -  The Board decides to have more meetings on Saturdays.  Alan McRoberts indicates that the new invoice system for dues appeared to be working well.  Clark Fogg indicated the changes in the By-Laws were finalized.  Tim Golt indicated that the new format for The Print was working out well, and Meripa Corson was working with him as Assistant Editor.  A motion was made by Don Fandry to continue the new format and raise the advertisement charges to $200.00 per year, second by Dell Freeman, motion carried.

February 3, 1989 - China Inn - Alan McRoberts read a letter regarding By-Laws violation by one of SCAFO's members.  

April 1, 1989 - J.E.’s. Old Fire House - Executive Board Meeting prior to the general meeting.  Alan McRoberts reported on the Incorporation,

* Employer identification number with the I.R.S.

* Articles of Incorporation filed with the California Secretary of State.

* Exemption from California corporation franchise tax or income.

* Results of Committee's efforts as of April 1, 1989. Employee identification number 95-4188695.

* Notification of receipt by Secretary of state on Articles of Incorporation. * Action pending on tax status as a professional society under California Franchise Tax Board.

Speaker Lynne D. Herold, Ph.D., LASD-Criminalist, provided an appetizing and interesting after-dinner discussion and slides on “Analyzing Stomach Contents.”

June 3, 1989 - Sleuth's - Sgt. Randy Eom, Baldwin Park P.D., discussed “Occult” Crime Scene Investigations.

The Print had an article indicating that Riverside Police Department shattered the previous record in California for the most crimes solved through a single Cal-ID fingerprint identification.  

In January 1988, a single subject in Riverside was identified with 11 burglaries through fingerprints.  By the time the investigation was closed, over 200 commercial burglaries were solved within the city limits.  

September 9, 1989 - Mesquite Country Club - U.S. Secret Service Agent Jeff Eisenbeiser discussed the background of the “Service” and counterfeit notes.

President Fandry stated that Clark Fogg had presented each member of the board with proposed By-Law changes.  The finalized by-laws would be proposed to the active members at a monthly meeting, published in The Print and then voted on.

October 13, 1989 - China Gate - Charles Illsley, West Valley City P.D.-Utah, discussed the survey he conducted on Juries and their attitudes about experts.

November 4, 1989 - Holiday Inn Hotel - James Mock, Torrance P.D., discussed fingerprint evidence in narcotic cases.

The following changes to the By-Laws were voted on and approved. The changes are noted in bold type.

Article 1

The name of this Association shall be “The Southern California Association Of Fingerprint Officers,” which shall be incorporated under and by the virtue of the laws of the State of California, as a non-profit corporation and is formed for the following purposes:

Article 2

Active Membership

Change of Duties

Should any active member be transferred to duties of a different nature in his/her department, or leave the service on retirement, or in the interest of National Defense it shall not effect his/her status as a member.

Severance From Law Enforcement

Those active members who have honorably severed their connection with law enforcement agencies may remain as an active member regardless of their subsequent employment, provided said employment is in conformity with the rules of conduct as defined in Article 8.

Associate Members

Associate Members are those non-tax paid professional men and women engaged in business similar to, or supplying equipment for scientific criminal investigation and identification.  Upon admission to membership they shall enjoy all rights and privileges of active members except voting and holding office.

Life Members

A life member shall be granted to all Past Presidents and to active members of this Association who have paid their dues and assessments for the past thirty (30) consecutive years.  A membership card bearing the inscription “Life Member” shall be issued to all such members and they shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as active members.  They shall receive the newsletter and remain on the mailing list and shall be exempt from the payment of the annual dues.

The elective officers of the Association Shall Be:


First Vice-President

Second Vice-President



Directors (Four)


Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be composed of the above Officers, the immediate past President and Parliamentarian.  The meetings of the Executive Board are “closed” and shall be at times and places selected by its members and shall be presided over by the Past President, or in his absence, by the President.


The President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Sergeant-At-Arms shall be elected for a term of one (1) year; The Directors and Historian for a term of two (2) years.  Two Directors are to be elected at each election, thus alternating two Directors each year.  


A.  Membership meetings shall be held on the first Friday or Saturday of each month, unless otherwise voted by the majority of the members present or in special circumstances by a vote of the Executive Board.

C. All membership meetings are open, unless announced “closed” by special vote of the membership, or by vote of the Executive Board.

Duties of Officers

The immediate Past President shall preside as the chairman at all Executive Board meetings and he/she shall be advisor to the President.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep an accurate written record of the proceedings of all meetings, issue notices of regular and special meetings, and other notices which may be required from time to time.  He/She shall at the end of his/her term of office, or upon removal from office, surrender all books and papers pertaining to his/her office to the Association, and perform such other duties as are necessary for the proper performance of his/her office.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep an accurate record account of all monies belonging to the Association and shall collect the fees and other monies due.  He/She pay all bills contracted and approved by the members.  He/she shall submit a financial report at the October meeting of the Association, and prepare an annual financial report for the calendar year of his tenure and submit said report at the January Executive Board meeting and to the membership at the February meeting.

The Editor:  The President may appoint an Editor who shall assist the Secretary-Treasurer in disseminating to the membership any information coming to his/her attention concerning new processes, techniques, materials and equipment pertinent to criminal identification  and investigation.

The Association may pay the membership fees and dues necessary for the Editor to be a member in good standing with other organizations and associations whose purpose are so akin to those of this Association.  That such membership would be a benefit to the Editor in the performance of the duties demanded of him/her.  The Association may subscribe to such periodicals and publications which will enable the Editor to enlighten the membership as to the latest advances in criminal identification and investigation.

The Sergeant-At-Arms shall maintain order, assist the /Secretary-Treasurer in the collection of assessments, maintain the flags of the Association and shall be responsible for the presentation of these flags at the monthly meetings and such other duties as the presiding officer may direct.

The Historian shall search for, collect, and have custody of all items of historical interest to the Association.  The Historian shall identify and mark each item, acknowledge the donor of each, and maintain an inventory of all materials on hand, and shall advise the Executive Board of new acquisitions and other pertinent matters on a regular basis.

Parliamentarian:  The office of Parliamentarian shall be bestowed upon any Active of Life Member, who in the opinion of the President, is deserving of this title.  He/She shall hold this office during the tenure of the Appointing President.

The Parliamentarian shall see that the rules contained in “Roberts Rule of Order” govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws.  He/She shall assist the President of Presiding Officer in matters relating to such rules at meetings of the Association or the Executive Committee.  He/She shall receive, evaluate and submit to the Executive Committee, any proposed changes or additions to the By-Laws.

Article 6

Association Funds

Eligibility on the mailing list shall be contingent upon the payment of annual dues set by a vote of the Board of Directors as determined by an assessment of current postage rates and other Association costs.  Such annual dues shall be payable at the first of November for the subsequent year and shall be delinquent on the 1st of January of that year. Delinquent members shall be dropped from the mailing list until the annual dues fee and a five ($5.00) reinstatement fee is paid.  Past-Presidents shall be exempt from the annual dues, but need to mail dues notice to the Secretary-Treasurer, to keep the addresses up to date.

Article 7

Application For Membership

Applicants for membership shall be proposed and vouched for by a member in good standing.  The application shall be referred to the Membership Committee and, if approved, the applicant shall be accepted  or rejected by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting of the Association.  The applicant will be introduced to the membership at the time of his/her first reading and the Editor will publish this information in the next issue of the newsletter so that all members will be aware of the name of the proposed member.  The applicant must be present for his/her second reading, at which time the applicant will be voted upon.  If there is a lapse of one (1) year after a prospective member's first or second reading, the prospective member must reapply for membership.  The new member will be sworn in at the third meeting.  The oath of membership shall be administered by a presiding officer or by a Past President or other active member designated by the presiding officer.

Application Fees

A membership fee of five dollars ($5.00) plus the annual dues fee as determined by the Board of Directors pursuant to Article 6 above shall accompany each application for active of associate membership.  The $5.00 membership fee shall serve to meet the costs of the application process.  If the application is presented after the first day of October, the fees shall cover the following year.  If the applicant is rejected by a majority of the membership, the fees shall be returned and the applicants name removed from the newsletter mailing list.

By-Laws will be effective January 1, 1990.

Donald Fandry was a Deputy Sheriff (Document Examiner) for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department during his year as SCAFO's President. Don became the 12th SCAFO President to also serve as President of California Division of the International Association for Identification President.