50th President - Ronald George

50th President - RONALD  GEORGE, 1987

January 10, 1987 - Los Angeles Sheriff Department - Executive Board Meeting - Updating the By-Laws and Guidelines to host meetings were discussed.  Also on the agenda was the possibility of a training seminar and changing the attendance drawing—start at $20.00, draw three names, if no one wins the amount goes up $5.00 per month to a maximum of $50.00.

February 6, 1987 - Cask & Cleaver - Speaker Gil Carrillo, LASD-Homicide, spoke to the importance of fingerprints in major investigations.

March 6, 1987 - Elks dome - Jacque Berndt, OC Coroner’s Office, discussed autopsy procedures.

President Ron George presented the first Charles W. Wolford Award to Past President Richard Bradley.  Bill Corson, SCAFO member and President of the California Division of the International Association for Identification, reminded the members of the upcoming conference to be held in Long Beach on May 21,22, & 23.

April 3, 1987 Old World German Steak Haus - President Ron George announced that Past President Steve Evans was the recipient of an award, District Attorney Investigator of The Year-Riverside.  Guest speaker, John Doyle of EDICON (Kodak) gave a presentation on the Mug Identification System, a computerized relational photoimage database system.  

May 2, 1987 - Elks Lodge - Verle Truman, US. Postal Service, returned for another SCAFO meeting and discussed the importance of proper humidity when using ninhydrin.

The Executive Board met and decided that a potential SCAFO member would not have their first reading until their application is received. The application would be examined by the directors for accuracy and eligibility.  The application would then be given to the President, who would conduct the first reading at the next meeting the applicant attends. The applicant must also pay mailing and membership fees at the time the application is made. This decision was made so applicants can be receiving the newsletter as soon as possible.

June 6, 1987 - Lancer’s - Dike Lake, San Bernardino S.O., discussed the Gwaltney Murder Case (CHP officer), where he was tried twice in Superior Ct. and eventually convicted in Federal Court for civil rights violation.

August 7, 1987 - Michaels Restaurant - Editor, Mary Landowski announced that the search for a new editor was over. Tim Golt of the Garden Grove Police Department agreed to take over.

September 11, 1987 - Knotts Berry Farm - Past President Steve Evans introduced the guest speaker, Carl E. Collins from the FBI Disaster Team.  He indicated the team was formed in 1940, after a plane crash in Virginia that had several FBI employees aboard.

November 6, 1987 - Los Amigos Country Club - The Honorable Judge John Hopson discussed “Qualifying as a Fingerprint Expert.”

Ron George was a Deputy with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department assigned to the Latent Print Section during his year as SCAFO's President.