49th President - Steve Evans

49th President - STEVE  EVANS, 1986

February 8, 1986 - Central Basco Restaurant -  First Vice President Ron George conducted the meeting.  Guest speaker was Walter Ihle, (retired Fingerprint Expert from the San Francisco Police Department). He gave an update on CAL - ID.

March 7, 1986 - The China Gate - President Steve Evans turned the meeting over to his guest speaker, Russell Bradford (Retired Long Beach Police Department).  Russell gave a presentation on Believe It or Not and Donald Duck Handwriting.  His believe it or not was about the first typewriter evidence being allowed into evidence, the 1891 case of Levi vs. Rust.  Then Russell related how he had followed the Donald Duck cartoon characters and the comic strip in particular.  Based on his experience in Questioned Documents he came to the conclusion that the strip was being done by three separate people and upon contacting Disney Studio's, they confirmed his observations.

April 4, 1986 - Knotts Berry Farm  - Speaker Verle Truman, U.S. Postal Service, talked about ESDA, Physical Developer and the value of Writer’s Palm.

Executive Board meeting was held and the Board appointed Alan McRoberts in charge of gathering information to establish a yearly award to a member who contributes the most to SCAFO and/or the science of fingerprints.  

Editor Jim Mock related that he is looking for an assistant editor.

June 6, 1986 - Michaels - President Evans announced that thanks to Jim Mock and Ron Ingram the Membership Handbooks are ready for disbursement.  He indicated that there are now 132 Active Members.

Editor Jim Mock related that he had delivered an extra computer, disk drive and monitor to Mary Landowski’s home, who would be his assistant editor.  

By-Laws addition - After a brief discussion, the membership voted unanimously to add to the By-Laws an award which can be presented annually to a member for outstanding efforts in promoting the science and association.  This award was named in remembrance and recognition of the contributions to the association by charter member and past president Charles W. Wolford.

August 2, 1986 - Lakewood Country Club - It’s announced that there would be an Executive Board meeting in September to discuss purchasing a printer for the editor.

October 3, 1986 -Gold Star Restaurant - Thanks to the generosity of William Snare, the printer was purchased and was being used by the editor, Mary Landowski.

November 8, 1986 - The Reef Restaurant - Speaker Ron Linhart, L.A. Coroner’s Office, discussed Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation and showed many slides depicting the value of this type of evidence.

Steve Evans was an Investigator for the Riverside District Attorney’s Office during his year as SCAFO's President.