1st President - Robert V. Rogers

1st President - ROBERT V. ROGERS, 1937-1938

July 2, 1937, Nelson and Hartmeyer, Beverly Hills PD, hosted an informal meeting at Helen's Restaurant. Approximately 40 persons attended this meeting. With a good attendance it was decided to make this an official meeting, and as first order of business, officers were elected as per their Constitution. Bob Rgers, Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, wsa elected President and Roy Standard of Huntington Park Police Department, Treasurer. Bob Nelson was prepared for this day and already had Charter Member ID cards printed up. Everyone at the meeting wanted Card No. 1, so it was decided to raffle the cards, with the proceeds going into the Treasury.

August, 6, 1937 - Matson and Rogers, LASO, hosted the next meeting at Little Joe's in Los Angeles where the installations took place.

September 3, 1937 - Meeting was held in the vicinity of 154th Place, Los Angeles, at the Restaurant owned by Clifton's and the feature attractions were Strippers. Several meetings in the future would be held with Strippers providing the entertainment so as to increase membership attendance.

Bob Rogers joined the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department in 1925 as an Identification Technician and was trained by Superintendent Adams of the same Department. His retirement came in 1948 after 23 years as a Fingerprint Expert. Bob retired to deep sea fishing in Mexico and afterwards to the area of Lake Tahoe. A serious accident sent Bob to Pismo Beach to recover and then to the Sierra Pine Guest Home in Arlington, California.


*Special Thanks to Russell Bradford, former S.C.A.F.O historian, for this entry.