45th President -Alex Koehler

45th President - ALEX  KOEHLER, 1982

February 5, 1982 - Taxi Restaurant - Mailing fees were raised to $6.00.  Main theme for the night was open vs closed meetings.  Dick Bradley made the motion to change the By-Laws and make all meeting open.  Second was made by Harold Treichler, motion passed unanimously.

May 14, 1982 - Ren Lee's - Special Executive Board meeting was held. The Board recommended to remove Michael Briley from his Sgt-At-Arms position.  Also recommended that Craig McCart fill the Sgt-At-Arms position and that Bob Myers fill Craig's vacated position as Director.  Membership affirmed the recommendations and they became effective immediately.

September 10, 1982 - Ren Lee's - Guest speaker Lee Smith , Consultant for the Defense, gave a presentation about the problems of obtaining cooperation when he approached the various law enforcement agencies.

Alex Koehler was a Deputy IV for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department during his year as SCAFO's President.