44th President - Gerald Snyder

44th President - GERALD  SNYDER, 1981

January 10, 1981 - Executive Board Meeting -Closed and Open schedule was set for the year.

February 6, 1981 - Salvatore's- Wally Dillion brought up the fact that the meeting attendance was down lately.  Richard Bradley made a motion to have a committee formed to look into student/ apprentice members.  A second was made by Wally Dillion and the motion passed.

March 6, 1981 - President Snyder proposed that the discussion regarding the student/apprentice members be shelved until the next closed meeting.

April 3, 1981 - The Old Norwalk Peanut Company - Due to the amount of noise at the restaurant the discussion on the student/apprentice membership was again shelved.

May 1, 1981 - Del Conte's - Guest speaker Deputy D.A. Stephen Kay talked about the Tate/LaBianca trial, indicating that it was the fingerprint evidence that put Watson in the big house. Still no decision about the student/apprentice members.

June 5, 1981 - March AFB - A questionnaire is to be sent out regarding the student/apprentice member proposal.

October 2, 1981 - Knotts Berry Farm - The questionnaire responses didn't show enough support for the student/apprentice member proposal.

Gerald Snyder was a Lieutenant for the Torrance Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President.