43rd President - Jake Jordan

43rd President - JAKE  JORDAN, 1980

March 7, 1980 - President Jordan made a request for any printed SCAFO material, papers, photographs, etc.  He asked if the Historian (Lynette Atwood) could get started on the History of SCAFO.

Guest speaker, Officer Rudy Lopez from the West Covina Police Department spoke on “False Documents”.

April 4, 1980 - Jack Jessen from the Santa Monica Police proposed changing the meeting nights to Thursdays.  He indicated that too many members were tied up with other commitments, such as ball games, etc. The matter was to be handled by the Executive Board.

June 6, 1980 - President Jordan indicated that the meetings would remain on Fridays.  Guest speaker Dr. Judy Suchey spoke on Identifying Skeletal Remains.

December 5, 1980 - Past President Dick Clason gave a presentation on Handwriting Evidence as it pertained to the Lindberg Kidnapping case.  

Jake Jordan was a Deputy IV with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department during his year as SCAFO's President.