42nd President - Barbie Pominville

 42nd President - BARBIE  POMINVILLE, 1979

February 2, 1979 - Ren Lee's - A discussion was held about a possible By-Laws addition-allowing students to become members of the Association.  Due to the fact that not many opinions were expressed, the proposal was carried to the next meeting.  

March 2, 1979 - Staff NCO Club - The members rejected students becoming members of the Association and restored Associate Membership.

 August 4, 1979 - Holiday Inn - 1st Vice President Jake Jordan filled in for President Pominville.  Guest speaker Malcom S. McMillan, Public Defenders Office, gave his explanations as why he has to “grill” the Expert Witness. “ If I don't, I could be held to be incompetent and have the verdict reversed”.  

November 2, 1979 - Ren Lee - A proposal was made to add the Historian’s position to the SCAFO stationary.  To be voted on at the December meeting.

December 7, 1979 - The previous proposal was voted on and approved by the members.  

 Barbie Pominville was a Senior Records Clerk for the Long Beach Police Department during her year as SCAFO's President.