38th President - Thomas A. Conner

38th President - THOMAS A. CONNER, 1975

March 4, 1975 - LAPD Academy - Executive Board decided to look at the Constitution and By-Laws to ascertain if any changes were in order. A notation was made on the article submitted by Dave Crisp (LASD) “Under prevailing rules of evidence in the United States, the courts do not have discretionary power to determine how many Points of Identity are needed for an identification. The FBI is not in possession of, nor knows of any court decision requiring twelve points or any other specific number of points of identity”.

April 4, 1975 - Royal Inn Hotel - Guest speaker Claude Patterson Jr. (Aero Space Corp.) spoke on digital processing and enhancement of some “bad latent prints”. Executive Board announced the following changes in the Constitution and By-Laws. The following changes to the Constitution and By- Laws are noted in bold print:

Paragraph II

To promote the social and professional relationship of all persons engaged in any type of scientific identification and investigation work.

Paragraph III

Eligibility: The active membership of this Association shall be confined to those bona fide tax-paid law enforcement officers and tax-paid civilian employees of law enforcement agencies who, at the time of their election to membership, are employed in law enforcement and whose duties include fingerprint classification and identification, photography and/or scientific investigation and identification.

Paragraph III (addition of Associate Memberships)

C. Upon admission to membership they shall enjoy all rights and privileges of active members except voting and holding office.

Article II

Quorum : Fifteen (15) active members in attendance including at least four (4) elected officers shall constitute a quorum at all regular meetings of the association.

Article V

Application For Membership: Applicants for membership shall be proposed and vouched for by a member in good standing. The application shall be referred to the Membership Committee, and if approved, they shall be accepted or rejected by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting of the Association. The applicant will be introduced to the membership at the time of the first reading. Applicant must be present for his second reading, at which time the applicant will be voted upon. New member will be sworn in at the third meeting. The oath of membership shall be administered by the Presiding Officer.

August 01, 1975 - Holiday Inn - Barbie Pominville becomes the first female to host a SCAFO Meeting.

November 7, 1975 - Santa Fe Inn - Barbie Pominville becomes the first female to be elected to the Executive Board (Director).

Thomas A. Conner was a Sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff's Department during his year as SCAFO's President.