37th President - Paul Segura

37th President - PAUL SEGURA, 1974

February 1, 1974 - Briars - President announced that Past President P. Lee Johnson had become an Attorney and joined the Law Firm of Ellis & Morrison in Fountain Valley.

April 5, 1974 - NCO Club MEAS El Toro - President Segura introduced the guest speaker, Attorney P. Lee Johnson. P. Lee talked about the transition from Policeman and Criminalist to Attorney. He also touched on the area of forged fingerprints.

May 11, 1974 - Centro Basco - President Segura made the announcement that Past President (1958-1959) Walt Sorenson had passed away. He also announced that a SCAFO photograph contest would be held at the October meeting in Palm Springs.

October 5, 1974 - Palm Springs Elks Club. - President Segura acknowledged that the photo contest was a total flop, only 11 entries of which 9 came from two members. Donald Howard, Los Angeles Sheriff Department took 1st & 2nd place.

Paul Segura served as an Identification Technician for the Whittier Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President.