36th President - Dell Freeman

36th President - DELL FREEMAN, 1973

February 2, 1973 - MCAS - Santa Ana - President Freeman introduced a proposal to change the Constitution and By-Laws to admit female members. Motion from the floor by Joe Head to strike the word male from the Constitution and By-Laws, seconded by Don Hobbs. After a discussion it was decided it should be submitted to the members for a vote at the March meeting. The Board also proposed that wives of members be allowed to purchase a name tag for $1.25, to be worn at Open Meetings.

March 2, 1973 - Media Club - President Freeman presented for vote the proposal to admit qualified female members and strike the word male from the Constitution and By-Laws. Motion passed by two-thirds vote of the Active members attending. Harold Treichler, LASD, spoke on the “Photogrammetric” system used by Switzerland Police.

August 3, 1973 - Briars - Historic night for SCAFO, Barbara Pominville, Long Beach Police Department became the first female to be sworn in.

At the December meeting, at the Yamashira Restaurant in Beverly Hills, entertainment was provided by actor Buddy Ebsen.

Dell Freeman served as a Senior Deputy for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department during his year as SCAFO's President. In 1982 Dell joined the ranks of so many of SCAFO’s Presidents and continued to serve the fingerprint community by being elected and serving as President of the California Division of the International Association for Identification.