35th President - Clarence Bales

35th President - CLARENCE BALES, 1972

February 4, 1972 - Revere House- During an Executive Board Meeting, the Board discussed a frequent topic within the International Association for Identification and the fingerprint community -standardizing the number of points required to go to court. A motion was made by R. Jones and seconded by Lee Smith to send a letter to the parent body of the International Association for Identification, letting them know that SCAFO was opposed to any determination of a minimum number of friction ridge characteristics required in two impressions in order to establish a positive identification. The motion carried, the letter sent and SCAFO went on record opposing any such determination.

March 3, 1972 - Briars - Floyd Smith introduced a movie on Crime Scene Investigation of a homicide.

May 5, 1972 - Centro Basco - Guest speaker Deputy District Attorney Gerry Poierier (Los Angeles County) spoke on the death penalty. “It may be put to the voters to see if they want it or not”.

July 7, 1972 - Capristano Beach - President Bales discussed the article in the Fingerprint Magazine, “To fingerprint all” discussed in the Senate Finance Committee, may get support.

November 3, 1972 - Dr. Irving Root, a San Bernardino County Pathologist talked about bullet wounds.

Clarence Bales served as a Detective for the Riverside Sheriff Office during his year as SCAFO's President.