34th President - William C. Purdie

34th President - WILLIAM C. PURDIE, 1971

February 5, 1971 - San Clemente Inn - President Purdie introduced guest speaker, Tony Sherman from the U.S. Secret Service. He gave a presentation on the establishment and responsibilities of his agency. George Pletts made an announcement about the upcoming International Association for Identification Conference to be held in Laguna Beach, May 11-14, registration $15.00, need not be a member of the International Association for Identification to attend any of the training lectures.

March 5, 1971 - Briars - Criminalist Ray Wells, spoke on “Thermoluminescence.”

April 3, 1971 - Bakersfield - President Purdie introduced guest speaker, Judge Jelletich who gave a presentation on “Recent Developments in Criminal Law”.

“The fact that a person is really guilty is of little importance today, the important thing is —that all of the Law Enforcement Officials, Courts, etc., do every thing correctly and in so doing, do not in any way violate the rights of the person on trial”.

June 4, 1971 - Briars - a quote from “Light Magazine” was brought to the attention of the SCAFO members. “Much of the turmoil in our country today is caused by unreasonable demands of irrational misfits —people who debase our basic concepts to include provocation, incitement, violence, destruction, and crime. They are demanding more than a Free Nation can give if it is to survive. They should remember that America's greatness lies not only in her achievements but also in her aspirations. However, for those whose hearts are blind to truth, the light of reason is hard to see”.

September 3, 1971 - Orange Co. Trng. Facility - Fred Collins and Jim Harrell, both OCSD, provided a double program. Collins discussed Trace Metal Detection on Hands and Harrell presented his researched article on “Processing Fingerprints in Blood”.

William C. Purdie was a Captain for the Kern County Sheriff's Department during his year as SCAFO's President.