33rd President - J. G. Hendricks

33rd President - J. G. HENDRICKS, 1970

February 6, 1970 - Briars - Executive Board meeting and discussion on how to improve attendance. Dell Freeman made a motion to implement an attendance drawing, $10.00 at each meeting from members who have paid their mailing fees. (still $2.00) Unclaimed money would go on to the next meeting, no compounding.

May 1969 meeting was held in Bakersfield at the CHP Club. It was hosted by Captain William Purdie of Kern County Sheriff's Office. Guest Speaker was Senior Deputy Speaks from the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. Speaks gave a presentation on “Ninhydrin”.

The host provided each couple attending a ten pound sample bag of potatoes.

July 10, 1970, Walt Sorenson explained the #12 in the center of the SCAFO emblem. “The #12 in the center of the SCAFO emblem represents the Original Twelve Charter Members of this Association”.

J.G. Hendricks was a Lieutenant for the La Verne Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President.