32nd President - Robert Zippel

32nd President - ROBERT ZIPPEL, 1969

February 7, 1969 - Briars Restaurant - President Zippel announced his slogan for the year, “Progress Through Participation”. He also suggested that Executive Board's photographs should be left off the SCAFO stationary - “it would give SCAFO a more professional document”. Secretary-Treasurer Bradford recommended that mailing fees of $2.00 should be raised - voted down and to be looked at again in June. Guest speaker form Ampex Corp. gave a presentation on “Computers in Law Enforcement”. (1969)

Carl Hartmeyer, SCAFO's 4th President passed away February 12, 1969. Carl J. Wallace, Honorary Member since 1946, passed away March 11, 1969.

Robert Zippel was a Lieutenant for the Anaheim Police Department during his year as SCAFO's President and served as President of the International Association for Identification - California Division in 1972-1973.