30th President - P. Lee Johnson

30th President - P. LEE JOHNSON, 1966-1967

February 3, 1967 - Bob Luxembourger hosted a Firearms Meeting at the Orange County Training Facility in Orange. P. McDonald Taber spoke as did Burton T. Miller who also demonstrated the Armalites AR-18 and AR-14. DeWayne Wolfer spoke on the restoration of serial numbers and presented a movie. Jim Sarros, Orange County District Attorney's Office, won 1st Place in the SCAFO Pistol Shoot.

On April 7, Russell Bradford hosted a meeting at Rochelle's in Long Beach where amendments were voted into the Constitution as follows: No dues for Past Presidents and the installation shall be in December instead of September.

At the May 5th meeting, Bob Topliff designed new SCAFO buttons which were voted on and approved. After this meeting, Robert Zippel of Anaheim Police Department, wrote the first “Between the Lines” for the SCAFO Newsletter.

July 7, 1967 - Gutierrez, Santa Monica Police and Ashabramer of Sears Roebuck Co., hosted an open meeting at the Surf Rider Inn, Santa Monica. Ron spoke on new Electronic Business Systems, including the “microphone in an olive”. Don Valdivla, also of Sears Roebuck Co., demonstrated that he was an outstanding comedian. William (Bill) Gutierrez of Santa Monica Police, who helped host this meeting, spoke on the Classification of Latents System which he designed and which was being used by his Department. It was also announced at the meeting that Bill was resigning from the Police Department to join the State Department Police in Saigon, Vietnam.

December 1, 1967 - Ray Jones and his Chief hosted the “30th Anniversary Meeting of SCAFO” in Inglewood. A large number of Past Presidents were in attendance to receive a gold Past President card. A moment of silence was given for our departed members and the six Past Presidents who have been called away. The SCAFO History was written for this meeting by Historian Russell Bradford and was passed out to each of the members. Eighteen Past Presidents were presented gold Past President identification cards. Robert F. Topliff was sworn in as SCAFO's 31st President.

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Lee Johnson was an Identification Technician with the Orange County Sheriff's Office and was the fourth member of his Department to serve as President of SCAFO.