29th President - Elmer L. Smith

29th President - ELMER L. SMITH, 1965-1966

February 4, 1966 - Bill Gutierrez, Santa Monica Police, and Ron Ashabramer of Sears Roebuck Company hosted 80 members at the Surf Rider Inn in Santa Monica. Tom Carroll and Larry Lee of “Photographic International” presented an outstanding show and demonstrated their cameras. Santa Monica Police Department displayed many exhibits of ninhydrin cases.

August 5, 1966 - Harold Van Fleet hosted another of his fine meetings at the “Keg-N-Kettle” in Monrovia. Rev. Olson presented an outstanding film “Profiles of Vietnam”. The film not only presented the War in Vietnam, but also showed what was being done for the displaced persons - the real victims of the war.

Lee was a Sergeant in the Latent Print Section of the Los Angeles Police Department. Elmer Lee Smith was expelled from SCAFO in 1994.