26th President - Robert W. Luxembourger

26th President - ROBERT W. LUXEMBOURGER, 1962-1963

December 7, 1962 - Fred Fox and Lee Smith held their meeting at the Larchmont Hall in Los Angeles.

Earle Simmons, CII, presented a slide show on CII and Lynn Compton spoke on new Legislation. Lux appointed a committee of Lee Smith and Reed McLaughlin of Los Angeles Police Department, and Bill Purdie, Kern County Sheriff's Office, to design a Banner for SCAFO. In October of 1963, Lux put “Little Accidental” back on the Newsletter. Charlie Wolford, 3rd President of SCAFO, held another meeting at Big Bear Lake this year.

During Bob’s tenure, he began an effort to have POST establish a certification program for latent print examiners. While this effort was unsuccessful, discussions within the International Association for Identification later evolved into the development of the internationally recognized program.

Bob Luxembourger was Captain of Records and Identification at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

In 1976, Bob was elected President of the California Division of the International Association for Identification.