25th President - Ray G. Jones

25th President - RAY G. JONES, 1961-1962

October 6, 1961 - President Ray Jones welcomed members to the White Elephant in Inglewood. Lynn Compton, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, spoke on the Putney Murder case and the importance of fingerprints. Ray Jones composed an Oath of Membership and new members Gilbert Munday, Virgil Hansen and Robert Black were sworn in. Discussions were started about the possible membership of a female Deputy.

April 7, 1962 - Bill Purdie welcomed members to Kern County for a North-South Meeting. Veteran's Memorial Hall was the site for the meeting and Past President Carl Hartmeyer attended with members from the North. Judge H. L. Howden was the speaker with “Belly Dancers” providing the entertainment.

Ray Jones was a Lieutenant with the Inglewood Police. In 1968 he became the 7th SCAFO President to be elected President of the California Division of the International Association for Identification.