24th President - Albert G. Grevelding

24th President - ALBERT G. GREVELDING, 1960-1961

April 11, 1961 - Fred Cox, Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, hosted the meeting at the Ram's Horn in Encino. Superior Court Judge LeRoy Dawson was back at SCAFO as our speaker.

A special Executive Board Meeting was held on March 10, 1961 and the Minutes were read. Secretary-Treasurer Strohte resigned his post and Robert Luxembourger, Orange County SO, was appointed to fill the position. The Board also recommended that the number of officers in SCAFO be expanded. The membership voted in favor of adding a 2nd Vice President and separating the Office of Secretary and Treasurer.

At the next meeting, Reed McLaughlin proposed that new members must be present while being approved for membership, and it was passed.

Al Grevelding served with Beverly Hills Police as an Identification-Technician for 19 years before he retired in December of 1961. Al passed away on April 30, 1965.