22nd President - V. P. H. (Walt) Sorenson

22nd President - V. P. H. (WALT) SORENSON 1958-1959

March 6, 1959 - Ferris and North hosted the meeting at the Orange Bowl in San Bernardino. Lewis Olio spoke on “Officer as a Witness”. Professor Rickert Von Ardsberg of Heidelberg University, Baden, (Germany) also spoke. The Professor's topic was “Physilognomy” - a speech that left the members talking to themselves. No one woke up to the fact that the Professor was really Richard Ward of San Bernardino.

November 8, 1958 - Ben Alexander hosted the meeting at the Eagle's Lodge Hall in Brawley. Kirnan of U.S.Treasury, Alcohol Tax, presented a film on Tax Evasion, Firearms Act and Confiscation.

Walt Sorenson, Senior Identification-Technician at Santa Monica Police, was elected President of International Association for Identification - California Division in 1958.