12th President - Joseph M. Head

12th President - JOSEPH  M.  HEAD, 1948-1949

March 4, 1949 - Chief Ted Murphy welcomed 100 members to the Tip Top Cafe, Signal Hill.  The meeting was highlighted when Ted drew two groups of four names out of a hat for a singing contest.  The winners were: Coughlin, Los Angeles PD - Bowman, Ventura SO - Head, Beverly Hills - and Seymour, Ventura SO.

August 5, 1949. - Jim Rhodes opened the gates to CIM and welcomed 168 members (the largest meeting in the history of  SCAFO).  Inmates at CIM put on a program after an introduction by Kenyon Scudder.  George Brereton was also present for the elections.

Joe Head retired as Superintendent of Records at Beverly Hills PD.