10th President - Richard M. Bradley

10th President - RICHARD  M.  BRADLEY, 1946-1947

February 7, 1947  - Chester Troan hosted a meeting of 85 at the Carlsbad Hotel, Oceanside.  Past President Lynn Brackett lined up buses which made many stops on their way to the meeting.  Ralph Bradford, who spoke on Latents, and Bill Murphy, FBI, were the speakers.  It was at this meeting that the members decided the 3 ½” badge was too costly for the Association to support.  It was then voted to change to a 2 ½" size badge.

August, 1947 - Harry Skoog held a meeting at Eleda Cafe in Inglewood.  The afternoon was spent as the guests of the Hollywood Park Race Track and the evening meeting was held in the Cafe.  With pickets outside the cafe, members served themselves.

Dick Bradley was a Lieutenant with the Santa Ana Police and was the first of many SCAFO Presidents to be elected President of the International Association for Identification - California Division.

President Bradley died March 26, 1997, just a month prior to the Association’s Diamond Anniversary Celebration.  Dick, having joined SCAFO within its first year, held membership number 201. His nearly sixty years of  participation in the Association were honored by nine Past Presidents and Life members attending his funeral.