9th President - Lynn Brackett

9th President - LYNN  BRACKETT, 1945-1946

April 12, 1946. - Joe Head hosted an open meeting at the Tropics in Beverly Hills.  Attorney Jerry Geiser was the featured speaker and Jimmy Gleason provided his usual humor.

August 9, 1946. - The Election Meeting was held in Redondo Beach with Phil Munding, Kern County SO the featured speaker.  His speech was entitled “Taking Prints with a Carbon Stick”.

At the meeting of November 8, 1946, it was decided that all members would wear a name badge at all meetings. The badges were 2 ½ inches and cost a whopping $1.00.

Lynn was a Sergeant with the Santa Monica Police while President of SCAFO.  As one of SCAFO's outstanding members, he soon was promoted to the rank of Captain.  A great shock overwhelmed the members when Lynn died on March 18, 1958.