6th President - Forest M. Schermerhorn

6th President - FORREST M. SCHERMERHORN, 1942-1943

Schermerhorn hosted a meeting in Burbank with the guest entertainer Chill Willis.  After a long discussion, Willis became the first citizen not connected with Law Enforcement to be voted Honorary Membership in SCAFO.

Lynn Brackett, Santa Monica Police, who was serving as Secretary, began to illustrate the newsletter - thus “Little Accidental”, a Brackett invention.

Forrest Schermerhorn served with the Burbank Police for 18 years, rising to the rank of Sergeant.  On June 26, 1943, he enlisted in World War II as a Fingerprint Expert and, after serving overseas, he returned to Southern California a very sick man.  Forrest worked several years as a salesman, however, when he became gravely ill in 1958, he committed suicide at the age of 55.