About Us

S.C.A.F.O. is a nonprofit organization of professionals representing all of the forensic disciplines.  The organization was formed in 1937 and has since grown to national and international renown.  We currently have more than 350 active and associate members in the Southern California area from over 50 Southern California police agencies as well as having nationwide and international subscribers to our quality quaterly magazine, The Print

S.C.A.F.O. hosts bimonthly meetings and 2-3 day annual training seminars.  S.C.A.F.O. may also hold one-day training seminars as the need arises.  Our meetings and seminars feature exceptionally qualified speakers who provide training and updates on current issues and the latest technology.


S.C.A.F.O. is the only local fingerprint organization for the Southern California area. Membership in this association has many benefits. Members associate with other professionals in their field and build a network of friends and associates with a common professional interest. This network provides valuable assistance in learning new techniques, discussing contemporary issues, obtaining referenced information, and establishing contacts with other agencies. S.C.A.F.O. conducts local training seminars and various workshops throughout the year. Also, members receive the association’s publication The Print.

Lunch meetings are normally held on the first Saturday of even-numbered months. Following lunch, an educational program is presented by a speaker discussing a topic related to the association’s purposes, followed by a business meeting.

Meetings are open to all members and their guests. At these meetings members introduce and recommend new applicants for active membership. At a second meeting, the applicant is again introduced and is then voted upon for membership. After receiving a sustaining vote for membership, applicants are then sworn in at the third meeting they attend.

Aspiring Members

According to the SCAFO bylaws, Article 7 - "Application for Membership", each person seeking Active or Associate membership status shall be referred by a member in good standing, be introduced to the general membership (a first reading) at a regular meeting, his or her name shall be published and he or she shall be present for a second reading at which time the applicant will be voted upon. At a subsequent meeting the applicant can be sworn in as a new member.

The time period between first and second readings provides a period of time for comments about the applicant. Any comments should be forwarded to the association president.

The application form is obtainable at a meeting, twenty-five dollars for membership, and a one-time five dollarapplication fee must be submitted to and approved by two (2) members of the executive board during the first meeting. This can be accomplished at the beginning of any regular meeting or training activity.

Active Membership

Reserved for employees of law enforcement agencies whose duties include fingerprint classification/identification, photography, or scientific investigation.

Associate Membership

Includes individuals not eligible for active membership, but engaged in a similar business or supplying equipment for the same. Associate members enjoy all rights and privileges of active members except voting and holding office. (Associate members must also attend a meeting to gain membership.)

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers and being actively engaged in the Profession of Scientific Identification and Investigation, I dedicate myself to the efficient and scientific administration thereof in the interest of Justice and the betterment of Law Enforcement.

To cooperate with other individuals of the Profession, promote improvement through research, and disseminate such advancement in my effort to make more effective the analysis of the expert.

To employ my technical knowledge factually, with zeal and determination, to protect the ethical standards of the Profession of Scientific Identification and Investigation.

I humbly accept my responsibility of Public Trust and seek Divine guidance that I may keep inviolate the Profession of Law Enforcement.


The name of this Association shall be “The SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF FINGERPRINT OFFICERS,” (hereinafter “Association” or “SCAFO”) which shall be incorporated under and by virtue of the laws of the State of California, as a non-profit corporation, and is formed for the following purposes: 

  1. To raise the standard and promote the dignity of the Identification Profession.

  2. To contribute scientific knowledge to law enforcement investigation.

  3. To assist in the prevention of crime.

  4. To promote the welfare of the public through identification programs.

  5. To gain further knowledge of the equipment, facilities, and assistance available or in use by the various governmental and law enforcement agencies in Southern California so that each officer may have confidence in being able to obtain the answer to any problem through mutual cooperation.

  6. To increase the efficiency and accuracy of the work of its individual members by bringing to their attention improvements of methods, techniques, and equipment in the field of identification.

  7. To promote the social and professional relationship of all persons engaged in any type of scientific identification and investigation work.

  8. To increase the value of our relationship by recognizing and promoting the desirable personal uplift that is derived from good fellowship.



The active membership of the Association shall be confined to those bona fide tax-paid law enforcement officers and tax-paid civilian employees of law enforcement agencies who, at the time of their election to membership, are employed in law enforcement and whose duties include fingerprint classification and identification, photography, and/or scientific investigation and identification. 


An active member’s status shall not be affected should he/she be transferred to duties of a different nature in his/her department, of leave service by retiring or in the interest of National Defense. 


Those active members who have honorably severed their connection with law enforcement agencies may remain Active Members regardless of their subsequent employment, provided said employment is in conformity with the rules of conduct as defined in Article 8.   


Honorary Memberships may be conferred on Judges, Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, Heads of Law Enforcement Agencies, Wardens of State Prisons, District Attorneys, Present and Past Presidents of the California State Division International Association for Identification, and other qualified individuals selected by a majority of the Executive Committee.  Upon admission to membership they shall enjoy all rights and privileges of Active Members.  No fees shall be charged to Honorary Members, and their membership shall remain in effect as long as they hold any of the qualified positions.  Any Honorary Member having the qualifications, and wishing to do so, may become an Active Member.   


All reputable persons, fully or partially engaged in or supplying equipment for the various segments of the science of Forensic Identification and Investigation, and who are not qualified for Active Membership, are hereby eligible to become Associate Members.  They shall, in all respects, be subject to the same rules, fees, and charges and shall be entitled to the same rights as an Active Member, except that they shall not be entitled to vote or be elected to the Executive Board.  The annual membership dues for Associate Members shall be in conformance with provisions set forth in Article 6 of these Bylaws. 


A life membership shall be granted to all Past Presidents, to recipients of the Charles W. Wolford Award, and to Active Members of the Association who have paid their annuals dues for the past twenty-five consecutive years.  A membership card bearing the inscription “Life Member” shall be issued to all such members and they shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as Active Members.  They shall receive the newsletter and remain on the mailing list and shall be exempt from the payment of annual dues. 


Any Active Member of Life Member in good standing who meets the following requirements may apply to the Executive Board for Distinguished Member status. 


  • Five years of continuous paid membership

  • 50% meeting attendance for each of the five years preceding the applications for Distinguished Member status.

  • Attendance at three Association annual training conferences.

  • Past speaker at an Association meeting/conference and published an original article in the Association publication, or have done either one twice.

 All applicants, upon approval by the Executive Board, will be presented a membership certificate designating the applicant as a Distinguished Member. 



The elected officers of the Association shall be: 

  • President

  • First Vice President

  • Second Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Sergeant-at-Arms

  • Directors (4)

  • Historian

  • Editor

Eligibility to hold office shall be restricted to Active Members in good standing only.


The Executive Board shall be comprised of the Elected Officers, the immediate Past President and the parliamentarian.  Executive Board meetings are “closed” and shall be at times and places selected by board members and shall be presided over by the Past President or in his/her absence by the President. 


The President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Sergeant-at-Arms shall be elected for a term of one year.  The Secretary, Treasurer, Four Directors, Historian and Editor shall be elected for a term of two years.  Two Directors shall be elected at each election, thus alternating two Directors each year. 


The President, with the approval of a majority vote of the Executive Board and the Active Members present as a regular meeting, may remove from office an elected officer who fails to act for the good of the Association.


Only members of the Association who are Active Members and Life Members in good standing shall be eligible for election to the elected offices of the Association.  Nominations, election, and installation dates shall be determined by the Executive Board at the January Boar Meeting.  Only Active Members and Life Members in good standing may vote at the elections.   


The newly elected Officers shall be collectively administered the following oath of office at the time of their installation.  The oath shall be given by a Past president or other Active Member as designated by the outgoing President.   

“I, (state your name), do hereby acknowledge—the faith and trust exhibited by the membership—in electing me to office,--I hereby promise—that as a member of the Executive Board,--I will execute the duties of my office—to the best of my abilities—in guiding this Association—toward fulfillment of its goals.” 


The meetings of the Association may be conducted in the following order:  dinner, calling of the meeting to order, flag salute, reading of the minutes, old business, program, closing (next month’s meeting place, etc.), and adjournment. 

  1. Membership meetings dates shall be determined at the January Executive Board Meeting.  The Association must have at least six (6) meetings a year.

  2. Special meetings shall be called by the President on his/her own motion or by request of a majority of the Executive Board or upon written request of ten members of the Association.  The reason for the special meeting shall be stated on the notice of the special meeting.  A notice of the special meeting shall be sent to each member, and only the business as stated in the special meeting notice shall be transacted at the special meeting. 

  3. All membership meetings are open unless announced “closed” by special vote of the membership or by vote of the Executive Board.



Fifteen Active Members in attendance including at least six elected officers shall constitute a quorum at all regular meetings of the Association. 



The immediate PAST PRESIDENT shall preside as the chairperson at all Executive Board meetings and he/she shall be an advisor to the President and provide any assistance and counsel to the Association that the Chairperson deems necessary and appropriate.   

The PRESIDENT shall preside at all regular and special meetings.  He/she shall appoint all committees and perform such other duties as pertain to his office.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.   

The FIRST VICE PRESIDENT shall assume the duties of the President during the absence of the President and shall be chairperson of the Membership Committee, and perform such other duties as are necessary for the proper performance of his/her office.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers, and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.

The SECOND VICE PRESIDENT shall assume the duties of the President during the absence of both the President and the First Vice President.  He/she shall assume the duties of any other officer during their absence, and perform such other duties as are necessary for the proper performance of his/her office.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.

The SECRETARY shall keep an accurate written record of the proceedings of all meetings, issue notices of regular and special meetings, issue other notices which may be required from time to time, and perform such other duties as are  necessary for the proper performance of his/her office.   He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.

The TREASURER shall keep an accurate accounting of all monies belonging to the Association, shall collect the fees and other monies due, shall pay all bills contracted and approved by the members, shall submit a financial report at the October meeting of the Association, shall prepare an annual financial report for the calendar year of his/her tenure and submit the annual financial report to the Executive Board at the  February membership meeting, and perform such other duties as are necessary for the proper performance of his/her office.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers, and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.

The SERGEANT-AT-ARMS shall maintain order, assist the Treasurer in the collection of assessments, maintain the flags of the Association and present the Association’s flags at the monthly meeting and such other duties as the presiding officer may direct.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association. 

The DIRECTORS shall have charge of the property of the Association, examine and audit the accounts of the Treasurer annually or whenever deemed necessary, and submit a report at the October meeting of the Association.  Directors shall attend to such matters as may from time to time be referred to them by the Association.  They shall be the final judges of eligibility for membership, and shall pass on all applications for membership between the first and second readings.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.  

The HISTORIAN shall search for, collect, and have custody of all items of historical interest to the Association.  The Historian shall identify and mark each item, acknowledge the donor of each, maintain an inventory of all materials on hand, and shall advise the Executive Board of new acquisitions and other pertinent matters on a regular basis.   He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association. 

The EDITOR shall publish the official publication of the Association.  The publication shall include Association business and information relating to forensic science and investigation.  The Editor shall receive all articles and items of interest to the members.  The number of issues of the publication to be published annually shall be determined by the Executive Board.  The Editor shall advise the Executive Board regarding publication costs and other related issues.  The Editor may appoint an Assistant Editor as deemed necessary.  He/she shall, at the end of his/her term of office or upon removal from office, surrender all books, papers and property pertaining to his/her office to the Association.

The PARLIAMENTARIAN shall be bestowed upon a Life Member who, in the opinion of the President, is deserving of this title.  He/she shall hold this office during the tenure of the appointing President.

The Parliamentarian shall ensure that the rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order” govern the Association in all applicable cases in which Robert’s Rules of Order are inconsistent with the Association’s By-Laws.  He/she shall assist the President or Presiding Officer in matters relating to such rules at meetings of the Association or the Executive Board.  He/she shall receive, evaluate, and submit to the Executive Board any proposed changes or additions to the By-Laws. 



Eligibility for inclusion on the mailing list shall be contingent upon the payment of annual dues set by a vote of the Executive Board as determined by the assessment of current postage rates and other Association costs.  Such annual dues shall by payable at the first of November for the subsequent year and shall be delinquent on the first of January of that year.  Delinquent members shall be dropped from the mailing list until the annual dues and a fifteen dollar ($15.00) reinstatement fee is paid.  Any member that has not paid their dues by March 31st of the current year will be considered 'inactive.' Their last payment history will no loger apply towards a Life Member status.  Past-Presidents and Life Members shall be exempt from the annual dues, but need to mail their dues notices to the Secretary, to keep addresses up to date.

A sum may be charged against each member attending a monthly meeting to defray the cost of dinner.  Special Assessments not to exceed one dollar ($1.00) per member may be voted by a majority of the members present at a regular meeting. 



Applicants for Active membership shall be proposed and vouched for by a member in good standing.  The application shall be referred to the Membership Committee and, if approved, the applicant shall be accepted or rejected by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting of the Association.  The applicant will be introduced to the membership at the time of his/her first reading and the Editor shall publish this information in the next issue of the Association’s publication so that all members will be aware of the name of the proposed member.  The applicant must be present for his second reading, at which time the applicant will be voted upon.  If there is a lapse of one year after a prospective member’s first or second reading, the prospective member must reapply for membership.  The new member will be sworn-in at the third meeting.  The oath of membership shall be administered by the presiding officer or by a Past-President or other Active Member designated by the presiding officer. 


A membership fee of five dollars plus the annual dues as determined by the Executive Board pursuant to Article 6 shall accompany each application for Active or Associate Membership.  The five dollar membership fee shall serve to meet the costs of the application process.  If the application is presented after the first day of October, the fees shall apply to the following year.  If the applicant is rejected by a majority of the membership at a regular meeting, the fees shall be returned and the applicant’s name removed from the Association’s publication mailing list and the official roster.   


“I, (repeat your name), do solemnly promise – to personally endorse – the purposes of this Association – to attend all meetings when able to do so – to assist any member whenever possible – to investigate and report to the Association – any new developments in fingerprinting – in photography – or scientific aid to our work – that shall come – to my attention.  To serve on a committee when requested – to not involve the Association in any controversy outside the scope of our work.” 



Members may be suspended or expelled for any of the following reasons: 

  1. Conduction detrimental to the good name of the Association.

  2. Professionally unethical conduct.

  3. Dishonesty.

  4. Disloyalty to the profession of law enforcement

  5. Conviction of a felony

  6. Any violation of the purposes or objectives of the Association.

  7. Falsification of application or misrepresentation therein.

 The suspension and/or expulsion shall be accomplished in the following manner: 

Charges must be preferred at a regular meeting in writing by an Active Member in good standing.  These charges shall be referred to the Executive Board for investigation.   

The Secretary shall notify the member so charged by registered mail, return receipt requested, of the charges lodged against him/her and the date of the hearing. 

The Executive Board shall investigate the charges and report their findings to the membership at the next regular meeting of the Association, at which time the member so charged shall be heard.  In the event the Executive Board is unable to complete the investigation before the next regular meeting, additional time may be granted by a majority vote of the Executive Board members present. 

Any member expelled from the Association CANNOT be reinstated, allowed to rejoin as a new member, or by any other means become a member in the Association.  The membership certificate and the name badge remain the property of the Association and shall be surrendered to the Association in the event of separation of expulsion of a member as defined in this article. 



Members shall assist any identification employee, whether a member of this Association or not, whenever possible.  All members shall investigate and report to the Association any new developments in fingerprinting, photography, or scientific aids which may come to their attention. 

Members shall not as members of this Association, nor shall the Association as a body, endorse any political candidate, or proposition on any ballot, or any patented process or system, and shall remain free from any publication issued for the purpose of obtaining funds for any purpose whatsoever from individuals, companies, or firms.



Annually a member of the Association may be recognized with an award from the Association for outstanding efforts in promoting our science and/or Association.  The award shall be in the form of a plaque and certificate purchased with Association funds by the Secretary or delegate.  In addition, the recipient shall be granted a “Life Member” status within the organization and given all privileges as an Active Member.  Suggestions for candidates shall be made in writing, complete with a description of the outstanding effort(s), and submitted to an Executive Board member prior to the conclusion of the September meeting.  The Executive Board shall evaluate the suggestions and determine if, and to whom, the award shall be presented.  The presentation of the award shall be at the December meeting prior to the installation of the new officers.  The award, established in 1986, shall be known as:  The Charles W. Wolford Award.  



The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended, changed, or altered by a two thirds vote of the Active Members present at a regular meeting, provided that a period of one (1) month shall have elapsed between the proposal date and the voting date and provided further that the Secretary shall have published in the Association’s publication the proposed change.  The voting shall be at the first “closed” Executive meeting after the provisions have been made.


Board Members


Cindee Lozano



Erika Jacobs

1st Vice President



Jessica Callinan

2nd Vice President


Nicole Osborn
Sergeant at Arms
Sheri Orellana
Amy Rodriguez
Josie Mejia
Chairman of the Board
Denell Payne
Kristine Duran
Dianna Roque
Angela Schouten
Marvin Spreyne


William Leo


Tony Nguyen