Association of
Fingerprint Officers

I would like to thank you for your confidence in electing me as your President of our fine Association and introduce myself. My name is Clark Fogg, I have been employed by the Beverly Hills Police Department for 37 years. As a Senior Forensic Specialist, I hold two certifications with the International Association for Identification; Certified Latent Print Examiner and Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst. I am also a member of the California State Division of the I.A.I. and Founding member of the Los Angeles County Forensic Supervisors Group. I have enjoyed my membership with SCAFO, since 1984, when I started attending the monthly meetings- (yes at that time, the Association had monthly meetings!). Through the years I have served in all positions within the Association and subsequently, elected President in 1994. After serving as President, I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Association as Parliamentarian and serving on many committees. Fast forward to 2020…. I look forward to leading our Association into a new decade with interesting and educational bi-monthly meetings, including our annual, Conference in October. I encourage all our members to take advantage of our bi-monthly meetings and Conference, which provides informative training and networking among members, as well as the friendships developed.

Our Association has experienced a marvelous influx of new members. We currently have 278 members, with individuals currently sworn-in at each bi-monthly meeting. 2020 brings new members, new presentations and a fresh slate of plans for the year ahead. Our Executive Board is committed to our membership and is working hard to bring informative meetings and is currently in the planning stages for our 29th Annual Training Conference at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott, September 30th – October 2, 2020.

As this year’s President, words cannot express the extent of my gratitude for the efforts put forth by our members and Executive Board members all year long. Their dedication is a constant reminder of why our Association has been such as success since 1937.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve again as your President to lead our Association into a new decade of technology, education, and success. Let us pledge to make the upcoming year one of record growth in membership and further opportunities for the training of our members. I look forward to leading us in this exciting, challenging time and ask you to come along with me to make the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers the standard of the Forensic Science community.

I look forward to connecting with you at one of our meetings this year.


Warm Regards,
Clark Fogg