Welcome to the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers

Welcome to the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers, better known as S.C.A.F.O.  We are honored and privileged to introduce you to this exciting and informative web site. We hope you enjoy the S.C.A.F.O. web site and find useful information.

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About S.C.A.F.O.

S.C.A.F.O. is a nonprofit organization of professionals representing all of the forensic disciplines.  The organization was formed in 1937 and has since grown to national and international renown.  We currently have more than 350 active and associate members in the Southern California area from over 50 Southern California police agencies as well as having nationwide and international subscribers to our quality bimonthly magazine, The Print

S.C.A.F.O. hosts bimonthly meetings and two-day annual training seminars.  S.C.A.F.O. may also hold one-day training seminars as the need arises.  Our meetings and seminars feature exceptionally qualified speakers who provide training and updates on current issues and the latest technology. 

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